Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Are we professionals? (1)

... Robert C. Martin will be your new CTO, then his first question will be:

Are we professionals?

His answer is:

We need to be.

Here is a list of what the professionalism demand in his view:

I Expect...

...We will not ship shit.
...You will always be Ready.
...Stable Productivity.
...Inexpensive Adaptability.
...Continuously Improvement.
...Fearless competence.
.. Extreme quality.
...QA will find nothing.
...We cover for each other.
...Honest Estimates.
...You to say "No".
...Continuous Aggressive Learning.

I will post the source later. Please try this exercise:
  • try to find the motivations behind each of these sentences
  • try to find yourself the source... maybe you will find more interesting subjects from "Uncle Bob".

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  1. Robert C. Martin (Uncle Bob) - Demanding Professionalism in Software Development


    Youtube presentation:
    "Published on Oct 16, 2012

    Provided by Elapse Technologies - http://www.elapsetech.com
    Robert C. Martin explains in his own unique style why professionalism is so important for software development teams and their managers. This event has been recorded live at an event co-hosted by Agile Quebec City and Elapse Technologies in Septembre 2012."