Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Agile Design - new site/blog -

Here are the reasons to dedicate a distinct site/blog to the problems and solutions related to Agile Design.

Agile software development make a strong promise to the customers – that will offer good results (sustainable, effective, efficient) for an adaptive context (quick, often and even late).
In most of the cases , the claimed Agile process does not keep the full promise, especially for toughest parts:
  • a sustainable,  long term collaboration with the customer
  • good response for late changes
The main reason is the lack of coverage of some aspects related to design. The teams does not use all necessary engineering practices, or in the worst case are considering only Agile management practices.

There must be a better way!

We need to define a set of indispensable design related practices and use them in order to to keep the promise. There must be an Agile Design, defined as an Adaptive Design and used to build Adaptive Products.

An introduction to Agile Design propsal could be found here: