Friday, January 24, 2014

Mastering Agile

Things of interest - simple "trick"

How can we find things of interest about Agile ? How can we master Agile? Here's a trick: let's find out which are the main areas of interest and performance for the authors of Agile Manifesto, the "founding fathers":
(my apologies for possible mistakes)

  • Robert C. Martin (initiator of AM) -  Design principles for OOP, Clean Code, Software Craftsmanship Manifesto
  • Martin Fowler - Refactoring, Patterns (Architecture, Design, Analysis), UML books, Technical Debt Quadrant
  • Kent Beck - XP creator, TDD, jUnit, CRC cards
  • Ward Cunningham - Portland Pattern Repository , WikiWikiWeb, the World's first wiki; Technical Debt definition; Also contributor to XP
  • Jeff Sutherland - Scrum creator
  • Ken Schwaber - Scrum creator
  • Ron Jeffries- also founder of XP
  • Alistair Cockburn - Effective Use Cases, Crystal methods, PM Declaration of interdependence
  • Jim Highsmith - Adaptive Software Development
  • Mike Beedle - Scrum consultant , applies Scrum and XP together
  • Arie van Bennekum - Dynamic Systems Development Method
  • James Grenning - invented Planning Poker
  • Andrew Hunt - book author: The Pragmatic Programmer
  • Jon Kern - co-authored "Java Design"
  • Brian Marick - Agile testing 
  • Steve Mellor - contribution to UML extension and MDA
  • Dave Thomas - Co-author of  The Pragmatic Programmer 
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Topics by Numbers

Another "trick":  let's count the main themes to see what matters most:

  • Software design: 14
  • Agile methods & process:  10
  • PM: 2
  • Agile requirements: 2 

It is pretty simple to master Agile, right? Just learn all these things!