Friday, February 14, 2014

Agile Horrors ...

See at Mike Griffiths site:

"Frankenstein Process – This is the methodology designed by committee that tries to combine iterative, empowered development with linear scheduling and command-and-control task assignment."

 Waterfall strike back ... An "traditionalist" PM will always want a such kind of schedule, because it is part of the Waterfall mindset.

"Vampire Scrum Masters and Project Managers – These people just suck the life out of things and never give back. Scrum Masters who look for process compliance but do not own or remove impediments; or project managers who push for velocity improvements, but don’t want to hear about quality improvements or refactoring plans.

Process compliance & not removing impediments ... these kind of managers want an easy "safe & comfort zone" where they are fully protected: no real decision, just blindly following the rules - case when they think that will be always infallible. Right ...

Velocity ... it is in fact a Gold Rush where the only gold it is the fools gold. In fact it is just a cheap slyness. It will work for some period and then will start to fall.
In fact, these are very generic habits. The horror for Agile case is that here it are some fundamental rules such: remove the impediments and refactor (a particular case of removing the impediments).