Saturday, February 15, 2020

(Product) Extract: delivery life-cycle options

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"The shape of the problem and solution spaces are clear" 
"...delivering the service at lower cost" - Kent Beck

A good Extract phase supposes an already optimized process, where some of these lifecycles could be predominant 
  • Lean
    • Working software is produced faster than one-week iteration 
    • Not very small releases  
  • Continuous Delivery Agile 
    • Releases and iterations will become smaller, but we will still have iterations 
    • Inception is short ~ an activity, not a phase (fast clarification for requirement & solution)
    • Transition is short; we rely on TDD, continuous integration, continuous deployment, DevOps
  • Continuous Delivery Lean 
    • Similar to CD Agile, but we produce the working software faster (no iterations)
    • Often (e.g. daily) releases

Other options

  • Agile Basic  -  could be an alternative for these cases
    • we need longer envisioning & still have bottlenecks 
    • we not have optimized enough the process
  •  Exploratory Lean Startup
    • investments in experiments are usually recommended at the end of the product lifecycle
    • it is ok if is the start of a new Explore/Expand/Extract life-cycle of a new or re-invented product


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