Thursday, August 6, 2015

Software developers "curse"

It is more likely that mathematicians and software programers to be introverts. Maybe it is just a myth. Anyway, an observable symptom is this: too often they just want to work "peacefully" alone. Also too often, if you want to extract them from this status, you can have same kind of surprise as in the case you want to steal the food of a baby polar bear (an exaggerated metaphor, but somehow very suggestive).
The problems is this: the domain - software development - nature and difficulty mandatory require , beyond developers intellectual abilities, also a high degree of collaborative work. It is not enough to be passively cooperative, it is rather necessary to be actively collaborative.

The "curse" of software developers is that they need to educate themselves to become some very collaborative introverts. 

That is bad? No, that it is interesting!

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