Monday, September 12, 2016

Something it is very wrong with state of agile

"Who responded" (for below mentioned report):

  • 24% Project/Program Managers
  • 18% Developments Staff
  • 14% Developments Leadership
  • 16% Other (Scrum Master or Internal Coach)
  • 10% Consultant/Trainer
  • 7% Product Owner 
  • 5% Business Analyst
  • 3% IT staff
  • 3% C-level  
Data extracted from <VersionOne 10th Annual State of Agile Report> :

Something it is very wrong with both <State of Agile> and with state of agile if 24% or respondents are PMs and only 18% is Developments Staff.  PMs and Scrum Masters rule over an "Agile" world of Scrum-only. Recommended further reading <What Killed Waterfall Could Kill Agile> by Robert C. Martin.

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